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Thursday, October 29, 2015

And the results are...

Let's talk symptoms first. Yesterday at 2pm we turned 6dp6dt... That means 6 days post a 6 day embryo transfer. I may not have a ton of symptoms yet but honestly the ones I do have are my telltale signs of pregnancy. GI issues, breast tenderness, peeing a lot, some cramping, vivid dreams and of course being tired. I've also been eating a lot but that's probably just me, lol. Now some of these symptoms may be just the medications I'm on but honestly I didn't have any with our last cycle that failed. Beyond symptoms I just knew this time that I was pregnant, yes I may sound crazy but every pregnancy I just know when I'm pregnant and for this cycle for some reason I just knew it was "the one". I know that I am not the only one that felt this way, our Doctor and K herself felt this way as well! Well I guess I already gave it away but we are pregnant! And come July K and F are going to be parents again! 
The best was when Zoe saw the test and was so excited that she saw a second line, I guess she's overheard us talking about needing a second line lol. Our lines may look great now but all dark lines start as faint ones that you have to squint to see.
Although two lines are very exciting to see and most of us know it means pregnancy there is still something to be said for seeing the word "pregnant"
We are choosing to think positive this cycle and although we know things can happen we also deep down know that this transfer was successful and in about 9 months K and F will have their beautiful son or daughter in their arms! Please continue to keep this baby in your thoughts and prayers!
Stay tuned for beta results next Monday 11/2! 
P.s. I was so confident that this transfer was successful that I took a 3 week belly pic on Friday! 

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