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Thursday, October 29, 2015

And the results are...

Let's talk symptoms first. Yesterday at 2pm we turned 6dp6dt... That means 6 days post a 6 day embryo transfer. I may not have a ton of symptoms yet but honestly the ones I do have are my telltale signs of pregnancy. GI issues, breast tenderness, peeing a lot, some cramping, vivid dreams and of course being tired. I've also been eating a lot but that's probably just me, lol. Now some of these symptoms may be just the medications I'm on but honestly I didn't have any with our last cycle that failed. Beyond symptoms I just knew this time that I was pregnant, yes I may sound crazy but every pregnancy I just know when I'm pregnant and for this cycle for some reason I just knew it was "the one". I know that I am not the only one that felt this way, our Doctor and K herself felt this way as well! Well I guess I already gave it away but we are pregnant! And come July K and F are going to be parents again! 
The best was when Zoe saw the test and was so excited that she saw a second line, I guess she's overheard us talking about needing a second line lol. Our lines may look great now but all dark lines start as faint ones that you have to squint to see.
Although two lines are very exciting to see and most of us know it means pregnancy there is still something to be said for seeing the word "pregnant"
We are choosing to think positive this cycle and although we know things can happen we also deep down know that this transfer was successful and in about 9 months K and F will have their beautiful son or daughter in their arms! Please continue to keep this baby in your thoughts and prayers!
Stay tuned for beta results next Monday 11/2! 
P.s. I was so confident that this transfer was successful that I took a 3 week belly pic on Friday! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Transfer Day 10/22/15 :)

Thursday was our third transfer... Third time is the charm right? I sure hope so because we need this transfer to finally produce a healthy beautiful baby for K and F!

The day started like any other in that I went to work but really it was just my body there because my mind was excited and very ready for transfer! K and F couldn't be here for this transfer but considering we text messaged all morning and face timed during transfer I'd say it was like they were there. 
After 2 hours of work I got to shop for a little bit and then eat lunch with J, who even decided to get into the spirit of good luck and wear green!

After lunch I headed to acupuncture, we all figured that it can't hurt to try it and honestly we wanted to do everything we could to make this transfer successful! It was actually very relaxing and I managed to take a nap. 
After accupuncture I chugged an entire bottle of water and went up to wait for my name to be called for my transfer! I was lucky that our beautiful and very pregnant friend Kendra that works at Shady Grove Fertility came with me to be my "K" stand in and to help me FaceTime K. It was great seeing her as always and nice to have someone there other than my doctor, nurse and embryologist. Dr Levy was very excited about the embryo and how great it looked! As you can see in this picture the embryo is already hatching which really is an awesome sign. He seemed very confident that this was our cycle for success! 
After transfer I went for another acupuncture session and then home to relax. And of course enjoy these fries since they are supposed to be good luck for transfer, donuts I bought myself and this yummy edible arrangement that K and F were nice enough to send me! 
Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers... We really appreciate all of the support and encouragement! 
This is a beautiful picture of the sunset on the night of transfer... I'd like to think its a good sign! 
I also wanted to share this awesome family picture that the amazing Lindsay Welch took :) if anyone local needs a photographer she did a great job even with my crazy kids! 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Negative Beta Results

I know it has been a long time since my last blog post but honestly it's so much easier to blog about positive experiences rather than negative. As most of you know we had negative pregnancy tests at home before we even had our blood drawn for Beta so we pretty much knew it was going to be negative as well. Honestly by the time we got the results we were hoping for a big fat 0 because if it were anything above 5 and below 50 we would assume that it was a chemical pregnancy which would delay next transfer. A chemical pregnancy is when the embryo begins to stick but doesn't grow and develop as it should which usually means something was wrong with the embryo. As I said ours was negative so unfortunately the embryo we had implanted just didn't stick. 
The same day we found out our Beta results Dr L called both Katie and I to discuss the next steps. We obviously both said we wanted another transfer as soon as safely possible. He said and I quote "full steam ahead" for the next transfer. Of course we were very excited to hear this and we already have a new transfer date of October 22nd! Unfortunately K will not physically be at transfer, since she is moving into a beautiful new house around that time, but our beautiful and adorably pregnant friend that works at SGF will be there to help me FaceTime K during the entire procedure! 
We are both very hopeful for this next transfer and would love your continued support and prayers for a successful transfer! I am determined it will bring K and F their long awaited rainbow baby!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Looking back at transfer day... 2dp6dt

So today we are technically 2dp6dt which means 2 days post 6 day transfer, in our ivf world that means we get to test in about two days!!! I know we are all very excited and hopeful that this transfer worked but we probably won't share results until Beta... However I will leave that up to K and F since it is their baby. We do have quite a few tests to use though! 
As for sharing symptoms I will try to share everything but keep in mind that many IVF meds mimic the symptoms of pregnancy so some if not all may just be related to the meds that I'm on.
0dp6dt- cramping and non stop eating (but the eating started a week prior due to the progesterone)
1dp6dt- slightly more intense cramping and I even took a nap which I don't normally do
2dp6dt- cheesecake made me nauseous, then again I shouldn't have taken a bite for breakfast. I'm also very thirsty and I woke up last night to pee but that could just be because I'm trying to stay hydrated. Also slight breast tenderness (sorry if it's tmi).
Luckily K provided me with tons of snacks since as I said before I constantly want to eat, I think it may have shocked her how much I ate on transfer day! 
Speaking of transfer day lets go back to that morning so that I can share all of the fun details! 
Well I woke up before 6 because that's what my body is used to. K and I then got dressed and ready for the day. I had to make sure to set my alarm to pee at 7am since it was the last time I could go before transfer and had to drink between 20-30oz of water... Not an easy task. As I was drinking my water K came over to my room and we had our Krispy Kreme Donuts... Just for good luck of course! We made sure that we had our matching transfer shirts on. 
 After that was finished we started our very short walk over to Shady Grove Fertility. Of course we snapped a few pictures on our way in for the blog!
And some more while waiting! 
We were a little early so after hearing a few others called back it was our turn. I can't say that I was nervous about the procedure I was more nervous about the embryo being ok and everything going as planned. We had our Goodluck bracelets, elephants and pennies ready!
While waiting we had the chance to talk with one of the awesome employees at SGF that K met when she decided to go with them... I honestly can't say enough good things about everyone that works there! 
It was finally transfer time and we transferred this beautiful embryo into its temporary home hopefully for the next 9 months until it can be returned to its family. 
After transfer we got a picture with our favorite doctor, Dr Levy.... He loved our shirts and wanted to know where he could get some for patients or staff. 
The procedure really is not painful at all, maybe awkward since there is about 3-4 people standing or sitting at your feet while your legs are up but that is a very small price to pay for the end result!
After transfer K and I went to Ted's Bulletin for a delicious breakfast and of course had to take yummy home made poptarts home, I wish we had gotten a picture of those. 
We then went to target to look for pregnancy tests but of course couldn't find the one that we want (the clear blue easy digital with conception indicator), I'm guessing they stopped selling them which is disappointing. They were great and would say how many weeks pregnant you are. While there we happened to run into my parents :)
After target we had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with another IM that K knows from various groups. B and her beautiful baby V! It was amazing to hear her story and how her beautiful daughter was brought into the world via a surrogate. Plus she sent some of her goodluck baby dust over to K's embryo! 
On the way back to my house we or course needed McDonald's French fries which are said to be good luck! 
It was then time for K to head home... Visits are just never long enough, but I was so glad that we had a chance to chat and spend some time together!
Hopefully in a few weeks we will see each other for an ultrasound! 


Friday, September 11, 2015

Transfer Day- Rainbow Baby

Today is transfer #2 day! I am of course awake at 5:40 even though I could technically sleep until 6:15. I think it's the curse of being addicted to the sound machine which I don't have with me, I can thank my hubby for that and also the fact that this is my normal weekday wake up time. Now I'm so excited about today that I can't go back to sleep plus I'm supposed to be for the last time at 7am and drink 20-30oz of water after, lets hope transfer is on time at 8:15 or I may burst.
Last night Katie got into town around 5:30pm and after a brief visit with my family her and I went to dinner with a friend of ours near Shady Grove Fertility. Our beautiful friend K is 27 weeks pregnant and we actually met her through SGF since she works there but come to find out I sort of knew her through friends in the neighborhood that I used to live in! It really is a small world! We of course had to bring presents for her baby which we are so excited about and plus we were hoping a little baby pregnancy dust would fall off of her and onto us ;)
After dinner, which was delicious, we of course had to pick up a dozen Krispu Kreme since according to K the nurses at SGF say are good sticky luck for embryos, who are we to deny that so of course we have to eat them! I wouldn't say I am extremely superstitious yet you never know so I really never mind doing anything that could even possibly be good luck! 
After checking into our hotel we knew it was shot time and K was dying to do my injections tonight, as you can see from her smile! 
They actually weren't painful at all so
I would say she's pretty good at it! After shots we had a chance to sit and talk about the transfer and how excited we are for this day! We exchanged tons of goodluck charms because as I said why not! Plus K got me a beautiful gift basket with lots of green treats for luck and of course 6 pregnancy tests to go with the 6 I already bought! <3
It was then time to decide on shirts for transfer day... We had it between our transfer shirts from last time, which are fun and I still love or new ones that say "baby momma" and "#surrogacy". I think we have finally decided on the old ones since they are fun and then the new ones for either after transfer or our first ultrasound we are together for, I hope mine isn't too tight by then! 
Anyways that brings us to transfer day!!!! Please send all positive thoughts, prayers, and sticky dust to this rainbow baby for K and F. I really want more than anything for them to have a healthy baby in their arms by next summer.
I already can't wait for testing day! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Meds Day 1

Today is day 1 of meds for our second transfer. Many emotions surround this entire transfer because we are really sad that we should be pregnant now and K and F should have a baby by the end of the year but we are also excited and optimistic about this second transfer. We had a baseline ultrasound yesterday and my lining looked perfect and my hormones were perfect so I'm hoping that means this cycle will go smoothly! 
A few weeks ago I started looking for good luck charms and I found the four leaf clover bracelet to wear to all of my appointments and will wear it daily after transfer in hopes that it will bring us all good luck! I do have a few other good luck charms for transfer day as well. The other bracelet is one that K have to me when we met! 
This morning I started the estrace, which is an estrogen medication that I will take twice daily and tonight I started my first injection of the cycle which was delestrogen! I managed to hit the one spot which was pain free so it wasn't s bad way to start the cycle! 
I also bought POM juice to try this cycle which will help thicken my lining... Plus it was actually really good! 
3 weeks from tomorrow is transfer day... I know we are all so excited... Please keep the prayers coming! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Transfer date is set!

Yay we finally have a transfer date of Friday 9/11.... We are both hoping something very positive and beautiful can be started on that day even though for many it is a very sad day.  Not that I'm counting or anything but it is only 38 days away ;)
As you may know we were all hoping for an August transfer date but after having the hysterscopy Dr L decided that my uterus needed more time to heal so wanted to push it a few weeks... And we all want a healthy uterus to be healed and ready for transfer!  Although at first we were both disappointed we are now looking forward to September and very excited about having a date and hopefully K and I can have some girl time after since I feel like it's been too long since we've seen each other.  
Now that we have a date set I have ordered new transfer shirts and new good luck charms for transfer day... Not that we need them but it sure can't hurt! I know that I want to do everything that I can to help this baby stick and grow! I also have a goodluck tank to wear for transfer day that a wonderful friend of mine gave me while we visited her in SC, I hope it all brings us good luck when it's finally out day! 
Please keep K and F's embryos in your prayers and send all of your positive and sticky thoughts our way as 9/11 approaches! 
I will leave you with a few pics from our trip to Hershey Park with K and F and with another wonderful surrogate friend of ours! Unfortunately I have not gotten to meet her IP's yet but I hope to soon... They have a transfer scheduled soon after ours so please keep them in your prayers as well! 
And on another note I guess I'm sort of a surro aunt to my sisters surrogate baby that she is carrying for two wonderful IF's... Congrats to all of them!